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Biology 210: Finding Publications Written by your Candidate

Honorary Degree Nomination Assignment

Reference Books

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences articles are written by leaders in the field to provide comprehensive and authoritative coverage of each subject area. eLS is updated by approximately 400 articles per year, with new articles publishing on a monthly basis.

Salem Health Guide includes Infectious Diseases & Conditions and Psychology & Mental Health


Summon, our Web Scale Discovery software allows you to easily find content in e-Reference books. It does not cover ALL our e-Reference books, but new material is being added all the time

Suggested Databases

Locate periodical articles written by the scientist by using pertinent indexes.

Two scientific databases in FirstSearch should index articles.

From the library homepage, roll over Research and select A. Scroll down and select: ArticleFirst.

This database lists the tables of contents pages of many journal found in college and university libraries.

Repeat the above procedure and choose Medline another database in FirstSearch.

Annual Reviews: Biomedical offers a comprehensive, timely collection of critical reviews written by leading scientists.

JSTOR contains biological sciences, botany, ecology, and evolutionary biology articles. (The most recent issues of journals are not usually in JSTOR. Use ProQuest and ArticleFirst for these.)

ProQuest may also index scientific articles by your scientist.

Searching for articles by Author in FirstSearch

Step 1   At the search screen for either ArticleFirst or Medline, enter the last name of the scientist and the first initial.

            Change the Keyword field to Author Phrase.

Step 2   Click on the button to browse the index.

            Note that most authors are listed by last name and initials.

Step 3   Click on the author you are searching for.

            You should be back at the search menu scree.

Step 4   Click on Search to display the citations for the articles.

            Use  Article Locator@La Salle to check La Salle access to periodicals.