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Plagiarism.  Many students have heard the classic definition, that it's using someone else's work without citing the source. Plagiarism can also take other forms including:

  • Re-arranging an author's words (paraphrasing) and using it without a citation
  • Using someone else's ideas without citing the source
  • Using a photograph or image and not including a citation
  • Submitting the same paper for two different assignments

Sometimes, plagiarism is accidental. A few strategies can help anyone avoid accidental plagiarism:

  • Allow plenty of time to research and write papers and presentations
  • Take complete notes, and include author's names and page numbers for easy reference later
  • Use RefWorks or the citation tools available in databases, word processing software, and online
  • Consult the style guides for the format, such as the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, the MLA Handbook, etc.

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Research Assignments



Library research assignments can be an effective method of enhancing your students' research and information literacy skills. Reference librarians at the Connelly Library are ready and willing to help you create a great research assignment. Please contact us for additional information and help.

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