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You will ALSO need Adobe Digital Editions to download ebooks to your laptop or desktop. This free software is different from Adobe Reader. There is more information on the Downloading tab.

A free Adobe ID is also required to transfer the ebook to another device. It is NOT required to read ebooks on this computer. You can also read ebooks online and print or download sections.

eBook Collection from EBSCOhost

We have ebooks from many different sources, including some from the eBook Collection from EBSCOhost.  If you locate an ebook from this collection, either from searching on Summon, from the Library Catalog or by searching the eBook Collection from EBSCOhost webpage, you will recognize it as an EBSCOhost ebook quite easily:

Instructions for using ebooks from this source can be found on the tabs above.  Please note that unlike some of our other ebook collections, you will occasionally find books designated for only one user at a time (this is a small part of this collection - mostly older books). Therefore, if someone else is using or viewing the book you want, you will receive a notice that the books is not available to you at this time.